This Week In Business News: Agricultural Technology, Personal Finance Protections, and Environmental Votes

It’s been busy out there in the world this week. Agricultural industries have been showing interest in new technology to make farming far simpler. Major financial institutions have decided to take on personal finance startups over security concerns. And developers’ environmental impacts will be a decision for the people. Check out what’s happening this week in the news.

Farmers Take Tech To New Heights

Dairy farmers wave high-tech wands near ear tags to keep track of their cows’ health. Almond growers fly drones over the orchards to check on tree vigor. And out on the West Side, bean growers use social media to urge young mothers to buy their products. These methods and more were discussed at a gathering last week in Hilmar, put on by a Salinas-based company called AgTech Insight and several partners. Find out more on the Modesto Bee.

Big Banks Are Firing Out A Warning Shot To Personal-Finance Startups

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that JPMorgan and Wells Fargo were “throttling” data feeds to Mint, which lets its customers monitor several investment and and savings accounts on one screen. These types of software providers have grown quickly in a short space of time, but now it seems banks are pushing back. Check out the whole story on Business Insider.

Putting Developers’ Environmental Impact to a Vote in California

Last year, the California Supreme Court ruled that a project proposed through the citizen initiative process and subsequently approved by a council—without a public vote—was exempt from a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review, overturning a lower court decision. Now, a project can avoid months of costly CEQA-related delays if a developer raises enough signatures for an initiative and the council or board simply ratifies the project. See the details on UrbanLand.

That’s it for this week. Let us know what you think about this news and about anything we missed in the comments section below. Have an awesome Monday!

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