This Week In Business News: Sick Leave, Yelp Fines, and Breakthrough Tech

In the world of business, it’s been a busy week here in California. A law was passed this week that mandates businesses to offer sick leave. Another was passed that banned businesses from fining customers for leaving bad Yelp! reviews. And, in the technology arena, 10 breakthrough pieces of tech have been identified as the biggest for business. Let’s see what happened this week in business news.

Governor Signs Paid Sick Leave Bill

This week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that will mandate 3 days of paid sick leave to some 40% of employees in California who don’t currently receive sick pay. The bill, which goes into effect June 1, 2015, will be the latest in a series of policy changes the state is beginning to mandate, including a minimum wage increase, higher health care costs, and higher food costs. Read the whole story on UT San Diego.

CA Passes Bill Forbidding Businesses to Fine Customers Writing Bad Reviews

Many companies have made a terrible habit of punishing customers who write bad reviews on yelp by adding additional costs to the customers’ checks. The state of California has caught wind of this practice and decided to put an end to it. AB2365 will begin protecting consumers from unethical businesses by fining them as much as $10,000 for these sorts of actions. Read more on Breitbart.

10 Business Breakthrough Technologies For 2015

Forbes has done us the fantastic favor of putting together a list of the biggest recent technologies for business in 2015. Everything from the iWatch to Google Glass to the new WiFi standards gets the Forbes rundown of what they are and how they can change the business landscape in the next year. Read what Forbes has to say.

That’s all for this week! Leave your thoughts about this week’s news in the comments, as well as any other news you feel we missed. Have an awesome Monday!

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