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I was looking back through the article archives to see what we wrote a year ago today. It seemed like a good way to put together a Throwback Thursday post. Exactly one year ago today, we wrote this awesome post about your LinkedIn profile called “120 Character Description“. It was a highly read and shared piece about the importance of your LinkedIn headline and how to use it properly. It’s probably one of the most valuable pieces of LinkedIn advice we’ve ever shared.

Think about it. In the past year, has LinkedIn changed the way it presents suggested or searched for profiles? Not even a little. It presents you with a name, headline, picture, and how far linked they are from you. 365 whole days (I don’t believe it was a leap year) and they haven’t changed that part. They’ve added a header image to your profile and allowed anyone to become an influencer, but they haven’t decreased the importance of the headline. If you didn’t follow our advice a year ago, you might want to now.

While you’re at it, however, I want you to add in a second piece of advice that will hopefully prove just as valuable to you. There are exactly four things presented in a LinkedIn search. You have control over two of them. The first is your headline, and the second is your profile picture. We advise you make sure you have a professional, high quality, good looking profile picture. It turns out that recruiters and prospective clients alike want to know what you look like before they meet you. Not to mention that a great first impression mixed with a sense of familiarity will help you sell the primary product you offer: yourself.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out this LinkedIn piece by David Petherick, Director of First Impressions at He’s put a little study into the proper use of LinkedIn, and he’s got a 10 part series on building a great LinkedIn profile. Give it a read and let us know what you think of this article and Davids in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and have an awesome Thursday!

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