Tom Hopkins: The 7 Fundamentals of Selling

If you’re alive, you’ve inevitably got to sell something to someone. In fact, it’s been said that any time two people are talking, one is buying and one is selling. This is especially true if you’re the one responsible for making sure your company’s products or services get bought. Selling is the most important step in any business process. So today we’ll be learning the 7 Fundamentals of Selling from master sales trainer Tom Hopkins.

In the video below, Tom is going to go over the importance of each of the 7 fundamentals. It’s really the introduction to his video course, but it provides some valuable insight into what selling takes. His coaching is some of my favorite, and I have read through many of his books and listened to many of his talks. I definitely recommend investing in some of his material (no, I don’t get a commission for selling his products).

Share some of your thoughts on the 7 fundamentals in the comments below, as well as your experiences in selling that may have gone better had you known about them then. Have an awesome day!

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