Unexpected Lessons

Entrepreneurs hear all the time how they must be leaders. We must lead our companies to success, our teams to the future, and our clients to our side. However, becoming a leader can be difficult, especially early on. We feel like we’re a little crazy in trying to get our ventures off the ground, and often we feel like the only believer. Sometimes Most of the time, in that early phase, we want to quit.

Derek Sivers is the founder of CDBaby.com, the first and largest music store on the internet, and MuckWork, a company focused on assisting musicians with the non-creative part of success. He gives one of my favorite TED leadership talks. Entitled “How to Start a Movement”, he outlines the process of leadership in 3 minutes – with some unexpected visuals. Don’t worry, it’s all safe for work and a guaranteed laugh. Have a watch and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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