Unrelenting Willpower: Overcoming the Challenges

There are times where life is going to throw crap at you that you just weren’t ready for. Cars will break down, children will get sick, and luck will generally not be in your favor. There are all sorts of things that will come your way. Sales experts will call them challenges, but the rest of us know them as problems, and they will flood our lives when we’re least ready. Whatever you call them, it’s your response that matters most.

Average performers will allow these challenges to halt them in their progress. They will use them as an excuse for failure. They will blame the challenges for their lives of mediocrity. I know that’s sort of harsh, but it’s the reality visible all around. Ask anyone who isn’t living their dreams, anyone who isn’t even on the path, and they’ll blame some sort of challenge they faced along the way. They never accept responsibility for their lives.

That’s not how we get to live if we want success. Our lives must be dictated by our choices, not by factors that are outside of our control. We must be in charge of our lives. And, at the end of the day, whether we succeed or fail, we get to take credit for our results. When the challenges come, we must overcome.

That is where our unrelenting will must take over. Despite what we face, we must conquer the challenges presented to us and persist. Success has to be the only option in our minds in order to beat our challenges. If we accept failure as a possibility, it will inevitably win. It will win because failure is easier than persistence. Remind yourself that you will do something today to help nail down your future success, then turn that will into a did.

You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.

– Babe Ruth

Tell us about a time that you made success a must and overcame an obstacle standing in your way. We’d love to hear how you changed that part of your thinking to deliver success for yourself. Thanks for reading, and have a great Wednesday!

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