How Does Visceral Concepts Handle Billing And Notifications?

We use our paperless Client Portal system to handle all billing/invoicing, messaging & notifications, and file transfers.

Nothing hinders the fun of business like filing cabinets. At Visceral Concepts, we push for an entirely paperless system that eliminates the need for stacks upon stacks of paperwork. And it happens to help the planet by saving trees as well! It never hurts to be neat, simple, and green.

Through the client portal, you’ll also have access to our client messaging system. From here, you’ll be able to keep track of a conversation in one stream, instead of those messy chain emails with group replies everywhere. You and your team will see the same updated message list for your company so that everyone will be on the same page. Did we mention that it’s way more efficient than the “reply all” button?

Lastly, the file system will be available to your company to upload and download any files that need transferred. And, because the files are always in the same place, there is no fear about losing or missing the email that contained the attachment you forgot to save. Simple, central, and convenient.

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Michael McNew
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