Does Visceral Concepts Require Any Long-Term Contracts?

While it is the policy of many website developers to require expensive long-term maintenance contracts, we don’t.

Residual income is the goal in any industry. The ability to earn a steady income for many years without having to go out and find it is an important part of developing the longevity of a company. To force every customer into a long-term contract in order to get it is, we feel, extortion.

Visceral Concepts doesn’t believe in forcing our clients to sign a long-term website maintenance contract in order to have their site built. We want our clients to have the products and packages that are right for them. So, while we offer a generously inexpensive maintenance contract, we don’t require that any of our clients sign up for it. Of course, most do anyways.

The sites that we build are priced at a fixed flat rate based on the individual project. While we will gladly accept payment plans on any of them, it is expected that they will be paid in full on their due date. Any monthly prices that our clients pay are added after the site is completed and per the client’s request. We’re not going to force you to sign up for any service you don’t want.

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Michael McNew
Web developer, marketing innovator, technology enthusiast, and founder of Visceral Concepts, Michael McNew has developed a passion for delivering value to small business, turning his creativity towards image and reputation building for small business owners.