Wacom USA’s New Little Piece of Magic

Technology just keeps getting cooler, doesn’t it? I present exhibit A: The Wacom Inkling. Check it out here. Understanding that this device hasn’t made it into my hands for testing yet, I’m still super excited. The inkling is the solution to the problem doodlers like me face every day; How do I keep track of these doodles so I don’t lose ideas?

The Inkling is a sketch pen that can be read by a sensor clipped to the top of a page. The sensor picks up your pen movements and pressure readings and translates that into a digital image it will store until your next upload, where it will translate into a fully editable digital file, which can be exported into the following programs:

  • Photoshop® (CS3 +)
  • Illustrator® (CS3+)
  • Autodesk® Sketchbook® Pro (2011+)
  • Autodesk® Sketchbook® Designer

From there, you can take your normal Wacom tablet (I’m using an older Intuos3® – check out the Intuos4 though) to modify, clean, and finish the picture. You can also save the doodle/sketch/lyric/etc in all of the standard image formats (JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, SVG & PDF) for use with other programs. It’s scheduled for release late September 2011, and I’m excited to get one in my hands. I’ll give a full review once I’ve got it, so stay tuned!

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