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As you may have heard if you follow the major business stories, Twitter just named their founder, Jack Dorsey, official CEO. This is interesting as he, not long ago, left Twitter and founded payment processor Square. But now – with full force – he’s back, and the business community seems excited about it. While they look to the future of what Twitter may do (as we will likely do Friday), let’s take a look to a past interview that Dorsey gave at Oxford University to find out what leadership like his can teach us.

Truth be told, today’s post comes in this format because my brain is a little fried. So here’s the quick introduction, then please go on to watch the video. Earlier this year, Dorsey was invited to speak to students at Oxford University where he did his best to field questions. Here is the video of his answer to the question of what he learned from Twitter that helped him launch Square.

I love it. “I had no aspiration to be a CEO…or even create a company. I just wanted, I wanted to build and use this thing.” Isn’t that how it all starts? Let us know what you thought of Jack’s answer in the comments below and make sure to share it with your friends. Have an awesome Tuesday, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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