Does Having A Website Bring More Customers?

The short answer: yes…. and no.

One mistaken belief I come across in potential clients and see perpetuated by other web developers is that having a website will immediately increase customers and sales. Web sites are not magical. Having one does not guarantee any sort of boost in inquiries, customers, revenue, or profit. Not on its own, anyway…

A quality website is a tool. Provided it was built by a knowledgeable and experienced developer, it will do its job as long as you use it. Like any tool, it must be utilized to generate a result. Hence why you may have seen no traffic through your existing website, if you have one.

Any time I hear that a site isn’t doing much for a business, the first thing I find out is how long they’ve had it, and the second is what they do with it. Generally the first answer is 5+ years, and the second is “What do you mean do with it?” It’s no secret to me why a company isn’t seeing any web traffic.

I suppose the correct question to ask instead is What tools will the website have to help me bring more customers?

For the month of April we will be running our 30 Days of Answers series, where we answer 30 of the biggest questions people have for us before they do business with us. Tomorrow we’ll have another question and answer. See you then!

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