This Week In Business: Businesses Dying Faster than they Start, Drought Disaster Loans, and The Prop 65 Problem

This week I’ll give you just the important bits, but there is some important stuff to know. A new survey has been released that shows there are fewer businesses starting than there are closing. The SBA is offering drought-disaster loans to non-farm businesses. And small businesses have a lot to worry about with Prop 65. Here’s what’s happening this week.

More Businesses are Closing than Starting. Can Congress Help Turn that Around?

Immigration reform, tax cuts, hiring incentives – all of these are suggestions being brought to policymakers by experts who say that the small business environment is slowly dying in this country. Only 8% of businesses are less than a year old, down from 15%, and small business hiring contributions have dropped by 40% in the years covered by the study. Read more on the Washington Post.

SBA Offers Drought Disaster Loans

The SBA has announced that some non-farm small businesses are eligible for disaster loans in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon because of this severe drought. Because some businesses face economic losses under drought conditions, the loans have become available to them. Eligibility is based solely on financial impact. Read more on the Spectrum.

Charles Moran: Warning: Prop. 65 is Known to Harm Small Business

There has been a new series of lawsuits targeted at small business as a result of California’s Prop 65. The proposition requires notification of chemicals or substances on-site that may cause cancer. A group of legal “headhunters” has discovered that many small businesses are not giving proper warning and have decided to exploit them in court. Read more on the OC Register.

That’s it this week. Let us know what we missed or what you don’t think was news, and we always want to hear your opinion. Have an awesome Monday!

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