This Week In Business News: Construction Jobs Leveling, Bus Manufacturing Growing, and the Fight for Tesla’s Jobs

It’s all jobs, jobs, jobs in this week’s business news. Construction jobs in all 50 states report leveling off and will begin to decline without funding from the feds. A bus manufacturer successfully fills jobs through a county social program and is eager to repeat the success. And sometimes the fight to keep jobs in the state has to be taken to the Texas Capitol. All in this week’s business news.

JOBS: Construction Industry Hoping for Federal Highway Funding

The construction industry hasn’t seen much job growth in the past few years. Even though the industry was one of the first to pick back up since the beginning of the recession, but hasn’t seen the same growth as other sectors. Most states are hoping that grant money from the Feds for highway use will help to avoid another construction decline, allowing states to hire construction workers and companies for infrastructure improvements. Read more on the Press Enterprise.

Bus Company in Ontario Hires Dozens Through San Bernardino County Agency

When New Flyer of America decided that it would open a new manufacturing facility in Ontario, CA, they knew they would need a reliable way to find quality employees. They decided to pair up with the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board, a non-profit county organization that provides education and training to those looking for employment, as well as partnering with employers to fill local employment opportunities with county residents. The company has found a plethora of qualified candidates, and looks forward to repeating the success in the future. Read more on the Daily Bulletin.

Capitol Alert: California’s Ted Gaines Fights for Tesla factory on Trip to Texas

California State Senator Ted Gaines fired a return shot across the bow of Texas Governor Rick Perry last week. Governor Perry mad a recent trip to California in an attempt to woo the Tesla Motor Company into building it’s battery mega-factory – which will provide 3200 jobs wherever it’s built – in the state of Texas. Senator Gaines made a trip out to Texas this week to attempt to woo not only Tesla but also a few Texas companies into expanding in California. Read more on the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

It must be nice to have states fighting to keep your dollars in their state. Hopefully California will wise up and begin treating small business the same way. Leave your thoughts about this week’s news in the comments, and we’ll see you next week with the news!

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