This Week In Business News: Owners Optimistic, Internet Aids Small Business, and Square Tries Payroll

This week’s news reel is a lot happier than the past few weeks. A recent American Express OPEN survey shows that small business owners are optimistic. State Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski announces the Small Business Crawl for the Freemont, CA area. And Square announces that they’re trying their hand at small business payroll. Let’s take a look at this week’s news.

Survey: Most California Small Business Operators Optimistic About Future

American Express OPEN releases it’s Small Business Monitor survey every fall and spring, and this one has some positive numbers. 65 percent of business owners in California have a positive view of the economy. That’s an improvement over last year’s 59 percent. Also, those planning on investing in their business has grown to 54% from spring’s 50%. That’s a sure sign of a positive outlook. Get all the numbers on the Sacrimento Bee.

Internet Boosting Small Business

State Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski wants you to know that the internet helps build small business. And, just to be sure those who didn’t already know are made aware of it, he decided to visit and talk with Freemont, CA area small businesses to discuss the ways the internet helps them grow. He made his rounds last Friday, and it seems like things went well. Read his letter with the announcement over at Fox and Hound’s.

Square is Testing ‘Square Payroll’ With California Businesses

Square has decided that the next logical step for it’s business model is the payroll field, and it made the announcement last week that they would be testing out the product here in California. Square Payroll will help automate many of the tasks that companies would have to otherwise manage on their own, including W9 collection, employee reporting, and direct deposit pay. Read the announcement over on their site.

That’s it for this week. Let us know if we missed anything newsworthy and what you think about what’s going on in the comments. Have an awesome Monday!

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