This Week In Business News: Shopping On Fire, Social Responsibility, And Your Patent Is Invalid

Maybe the headline is a bit strange, but the biggest stuff (at least in our opinion) that happened this week for business exists outside of California’s borders. Amazon released it’s Fire Phone this week, allowing you to find everything through their service, Nielsen discovered that social responsibility is now a selling point for the 18-35 year-old consumers, and the Supreme Court says your patent must be specific to be valid. Here’s this week’s news.

Amazon Announces The $199 Fire Phone, The First Smartphone With Head-Tracking Technology

Because it wasn’t easy enough for Amazon to sell you stuff, they’ve decided to take a bet on a device that can help make it easier. The new Fire Phone can see and hear what you do and buy when you want it to, allowing Amazon to bring it’s lower prices to you immediately. The phone is full of awesome features and is available through AT&T on a 2 year contract for $199, or $649 unlocked from Amazon. Add that to Amazon’s increasingly fast delivery services, and going to the store will be a thing of the past. Read more on TechCrunch.

Global Consumers are Willing to Put Their Money Where Their Heart is When it Comes to Goods and Services from Companies Committed to Social Responsibility

A recent Nielsen family survey discovered some interesting statistics about social responsibility. Apparently, 55% of global online consumers say that they are willing to pay a higher premium for products and services that come from socially responsible companies. Those numbers are higher in areas that are more affected by sweatshops and child labor. Read more on Nielsen.

Supreme Court Rules Software Patents That Cover ‘Abstract Ideas’ Are Invalid

Good news for business, bad news for patent trolls, but the supreme court has just made it more difficult to play the patent war game. Companies can no longer patent software that covers abstract ideas. The patents must cover specific functions, which shrinks the number of ridiculous patent filings in the software industry. Read more on The Verge.

That’s it for this week’s news. If you ever come across an article that you think we should cover, feel free to let us know. Also, share your thoughts on this week’s news in the comments. Have an awesome week!

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