This Week In Business News: Twitter’s Buy Button, Coffee Wars Hit California, and Drought Reveals Opportunity

We missed you on Labor Day, but since then there is a lot going on in the world of business. This week we’re going to talk about some happenings in California, as they are both interesting and impactful. We’ll start in San Francisco, where Twitter has begun testing a buy button on the site. We move to Santa Monica and Modesto, where Dunkin’ Donuts opened in California for the first time ever to incredible traffic. Then it’s off to Long Beach, where golf course tricks mixed with record droughts has revealed a business opportunity to an outside-the-box entrepreneur. Let’s see what’s been going on in business this week.

Twitter Begins Testing ‘Buy’ Button for Posts

Twitter has been tweeting for a while now that it will be entering the eCommerce industry as the next step in its natural evolution. The network has, in the past, used hashtags (the pound sign) and retweets to buy products, but this time looks to move to a more natural process. The test will roll out beginning with the US and feature only 19 sellers from all different industries. It is currently unclear what sorts of items might sell on Twitter, so the social network intends to settle that question with this test. Read more on the New York Times.

Dunkin’ Donuts in Calif. is a Big Hit

Two Dunkin’ Donuts stores opened in California this month, and were swarmed by crowds that both had never tried the pastry giant before and that had left it behind when they moved to California. Santa Monica and Modesto both got their first taste of fresh Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and Munchkins (the Dunkin’ Donuts version of the doughnut hole) in a crowd rush that seemed more sparked by the legend of the doughnut shop than it did by the idea of sugary pastries. Read more on the Boston Globe.

Seeing Discolored Lawns, California Businesses Apply Dab of Green

Drew McClellan is a veteran barber. Working in Long Beach, he’s affected heavily by the drought, which is the worst the state has seen in 100 years. However, what he noticed most about the drought was the amount of brown in his neighborhood. Growing up in Florida, he thought back to an old trick the golf courses used to keep their courses green: lawn dye. Drew realized he had an idea, and the Long Beach area has had greener lawns every day. Like Drew, many entrepreneurs in California see the drought as an opportunity and have formulated new business ideas to take advantage of the climate (no pun intended). Get the whole story on the CBC Radio.

That’s it for this week’s business news. Let us know what you think of the business world’s latest happenings in the comments below, and have an awesome Monday!

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