Will Visceral Concepts register my domain name and hosting account in my name?

No, but that’s because we leave the domain registration up to you.

At Visceral Concepts, we believe in empowering the clients we serve. We want our clients to continue working with us because they feel we provide value to them, not because they feel like they have no choice. So, while we will gladly walk you through processes like registering your domain & hosting, or purchasing required software, we won’t do it on your behalf. We want those things to be totally under your control.

Yes, we realize that is a little less convenient. Yes, we realize you already have a ton to do. And yes, we do believe it’s the better way to do things. If you’re in the process hands-on with us as your “wing man”, you’ll be better prepared to continue to maintain things in the event you decide to no longer work with us. We’re willing to take the risk because we’re confident that the value we deliver will be more than enough to sustain a strong client relationship.

For the month of April we will be running our 30 Days of Answers series, where we answer 30 of the biggest questions people have for us before they do business with us. Tomorrow we’ll have another question and answer. See you then!

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