Will Visceral Concepts Send Me A Bunch Of Spam?

Never. Nope. Nuh-uh. No.

We’re not looking to irritate our current and potential clients. We feel that one of the fastest ways to lose a friend is to constantly poke him in his side, and spam is sort of the internet equivalent.

Visceral Concepts doesn’t have partner offers. We won’t send a volley of emails containing links to “awesome deals” so we can make a commission from some third party vendor. And we certainly won’t send you to one of those survey black holes that some of your Facebook friends might have pointed you at. We’re not into that.

We send exactly one email newsletter every month. If you do business with us, you’ll be automatically signed up for it. In it comes a brief overview of what went on with us for the previous month, including our top 3 informational articles, and a quick glimpse into what we’ve got coming up in the near future. If you don’t want to get that, unsubscribing is super simple. We won’t be offended.

Outside of that, you’ll only receive notification of the activity on your client portal. Any time a new file, message, invoice, or anything else is waiting their for you, you’ll get an email. Nothing that will waste your time.

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Michael McNew
Web developer, marketing innovator, technology enthusiast, and founder of Visceral Concepts, Michael McNew has developed a passion for delivering value to small business, turning his creativity towards image and reputation building for small business owners.