Your Website Sucks. Quit Making Excuses And Fix It

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I come across a company I take a look at their website. It’s the first place I go to find out more about them. In all the years I’ve had access to the mobile web, one thing still stands out. Most companies have crappy websites. They’re years outdated, they’re not mobile-friendly, and they don’t work quite the way they’re supposed to. Sometimes they’ve even got missing or out-of-date information. It’s sort of a big problem.

Ok, maybe I’m biased because I build websites for a living. But seriously, why don’t you have a mobile friendly site? Why isn’t your site updated often, hopefully containing a blog? Why doesn’t your site work right? It’s 2015 already! Get with it! It’s rare to find a business, even large companies, that don’t fall in to this description. It’s also really sad.

Talking with many of these businesses, the answer to any of the above questions comes in one of the following two answer varieties, “I don’t have the money” and “My customers aren’t using that”. “I don’t have the money” is my least favorite. Sure, maybe you don’t have the upwards of $2-$3K lying around to pay for a new site. But have you considered that maybe your bad site is why? You can’t afford not to fix your site. Otherwise you’ll be hurting in the long-run (Not to mention the fact that we offer special programs for customers with budgetary restrictions).

Mobile versus Desktop Browsing Comscore

That second one, “My customers aren’t using that”, generally refers to mobile platforms. Are you kidding me? With mobile browsing exceeding desktop users as of late 2014, this excuse is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The fact is that your customers are more likely to find you while driving in the car than they will sitting at their desk. If your site is unusable on their device, they’ll quickly move on to your competitor. So sad for you, but you should have been prepared. Not to mention that the conversion rate is higher on a mobile device than it is on a PC (you can thank simpler ways to pay like Google Wallet or stored payment methods like those in the Amazon app).

Look, maybe this article has been a bit harsh, but the reality is that it’s 100% true about so much of the web. There is, however, some good news. You have all the power in the world to fix it. The first step is to stop making lame excuses on why you can’t have a new one built. If you keep going the way you’re headed, you won’t be able to afford much once mobile browsing reaches its peak. Swallow your fear and hire a quality developer to fix your site now. You won’t regret it.

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