Not Sure How To Market Your Small Business? Do These 3 Things First

Take these 3 important steps before you market your small business.

When you jumped in to your venture, it wasn’t likely to become a marketer. The process to market your small business is probably something you don’t understand, but desperately want to.

After all, if you don’t market your small business, you won’t have it for very long.

That’s why you need to know the most important keys to marketing your small business. Because if you don’t know where to start, you’ll never get to the goal.

Marketing A Small Business Is A Mystery To Most Entrepreneurs

These women are confused about how to market their small bsuiness too.

You aren’t alone. Most entrepreneurs don’t have a clue how to find the right prospective clients. They don’t know how to capture the attention of their target market. Really, they don’t even know where to look.

Which means you don’t need to feel foolish.

You see, you have a specialty that lead you to choose the industry you’re in. You know all the ins and outs of your industry, and you feel like you can do it with your eyes closed.

But you’re not a marketer. That’s why we put together the basics for you.

3 Steps Before You Start To Market Your Small Business

If you’re ready to start down the path to marketing that’s more effective and has a greater return, we’ve put together three critical steps you need to take. Do not start any marketing without doing these first.

Determine Your Target Market

If you want to effectively market your business, you need to know who you’re trying to market to. Put together a solid set of buyer personas, detailing out all the different demographics that would benefit from the products or services you provide.

These personas are the ideal customers for each of your products and services.

Think about each of the customer’s identifying factors. How old are they? What gender? Where do they live, work, and spend time? The more details you can assemble, the better job you can do in communicating with them.

Put these different features together for each customer type to develop the buyer persona. These personas are the ideal customers for each of your products and services. When you research your clients, you’ll be using these as the foundation.

Get Your Research In

Use Google Analytics to research where to market your small business.

Now that you have your buyer profiles figured out, you need to identify where they spend their time. Dig in to Google Analytics to determine exactly what marketing channels are most used by your different personas.

Each marketing channel and each persona has a different language, and you must create your marketing to match. If you find that one persona spends time on Facebook and another on LinkedIn, you know you’ll need to create two different kinds of content to get your message across to them.

Once you know each persona and where to find them, and you’ve developed the manner you want to speak to them, you’re ready to refine. Make sure your materials sound like you, are branded correctly, and sound genuine.

Determine Your Marketing Budget

Here’s the number one factor for a small business marketing strategy. Your marketing can be insanely limited based on what your budget is. Without identifying how much you can spend on your campaigns, you can’t make that final decision on how to market.

Your marketing can be insanely limited based on what your budget is.

You also want to make sure your money gets you further. Once you have determined exactly where you should be spending money, you can then divide the budget up to match. If you’re on a particularly tight budget, focus on the buyer persona/marketing channel combination that’s likely to get the highest return.

After all, when you begin marketing, getting the most for every dollar matters. You need to make sure you get the best cost per mile possible.

The Answer To Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing your small business can be very easy, or really difficult. You make the choice of difficulty with your preparation. If you take advantage of the steps above, you’ll find out how to reach the right audience.

When you’re talking to the right people, you’ll get the best results possible from every marketing campaign you deliver. That means you’re more likely to hit your goals.

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Not Sure How To Market Your Small Business? Do These 3 Things First

by Michael McNew Read in 3 min