The 5 Reasons You Need To Start Blogging

The 5 Reasons You Need To Start Blogging

If you’re not blogging as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Blogs have a way of doing a number of different things for your business that you can’t reasonably do any other way, and they also tend to be avoided as sort of a hobby action that’s neither important nor worth the time they take. However, that perception is hugely wrong. Check this out.

Blogging can be simple, theraputic, and fun as well!

Blogs Set You Up As An Authority. When you continually put out information on a regular basis about your area of specialty, people quickly realize through that blog that you know what you’re talking about. They see that they can trust what you say when they talk to you because they can fact-check you and verify what you said, letting them know that you know what you’re talking about before they ever come to find you.

Blogging Improves Your Search Position. People are going to ask questions about your services when they’re looking to buy them. They’ll ask all kinds of questions that relate to your business and your industry, and making those answers easily available on your blog will make them come up in search. If you’ve built yourself as a solid authority and used proper markup on your site, you’ll get lucky enough to be a part of Google’s answer box.

Blogs Improve Your Knowledge. As you write a blog article about any given topic your business covers, you’re likely going to research your topic to make sure your write up is thorough. You’ll learn new things that you didn’t know, and you’ll be reminded of the information that you forgot. That new and renewed information can be used to better benefit your clients.

Blogging software is readily available and easy to use.

Blogging Allows You To Address Common Questions And Situations Your Clients Face. When you have questions or situations that your clients regularly come to you with and you find yourself constantly explaining, you can save yourself time and effort by pointing them to your blog article. I’m not suggesting that you replace good client interaction with your blog, but it’s a great way to augment what you’re doing or to simplify situations when they just need a quick answer.

A Good Blog Will Always Lead To More Sales. As I already stated, your blog establishes you as an authority and builds a reputation of trust. Those two things will always lend themselves to augmenting your sales ability. Also, as the blog drives more search traffic to your site and shows to those people that you know your stuff, it will create more leads by nature. It will allow you to improve the influx of eyeballs on your lead funnel.

Blogs are critical. Put a good blog software to use and start producing content. If you need help figuring out what blog platform is right for you, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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The 5 Reasons You Need To Start Blogging

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