How To Create Content That Gets Noticed

These strategies will get your content noticed.

If you’re familiar with the online marketing world, you know that content marketing is the key to growing your business. After all, you hear it from every big name and every angle in business. Clichés like “content is king” and “content is everything” come from every marketing information source on the web.

However, if you’ve spent any time trying to create content, you know it can be really tough to get anyone to pay attention. There’s a lot of content out there and millions of pieces more are created every day. You have to do something to break through the noise.

Creating Content Is The Way You Build Your Brand

If you want people to know your business and give a shit about what you do, you need to build a brand. That’s going to require content. It can’t be just words on a webpage, either. You need to demonstrate the value that your company – your brand – brings to the table, and your content has to be evidence.

You need to demonstrate the value that your company – your brand – brings to the table. Share on X

Ultimately, your brand is what your content made you known for. That means you need to direct your content to reflect what you want your company to be known for. Your content should communicate the values your company holds, and it should be a reflection of your mission statement.

Always use your content to further your company’s mission, and never hesitate to make it clear that’s what you’re doing.

These Content Strategies Are Not Quick Fixes

If you’re looking for a quick fix that will create a sudden spike in your traffic, you’re going to be disappointed. Creating content that gets noticed takes time and research. You need to understand your topic so well that you can explain it to an eight-year-old, but at the same time you need to be able to make it entertaining.

Expertise and creativity are both skills that you can hone. As you do, your content will get more and more notice. That will happen naturally, even without these strategies. But if you’re looking to create content that sparks conversation – the kind that sparks real engagement – the tactics we’re going to discuss are what you’re looking for. Combine them with the time and effort spent improving your content skills and you’ll start seeing the kind of attention you want.

Use These Content Creation Strategies To Get Your Content Noticed

The idea behind the strategies I’m about to share is that using them will improve the content from visible to remarkable. I want to help you understand how to make content that people will talk about, share, and spread the word about. When you can master the marriage of word-of-mouth and social media, nobody misses the content you make.

Create Guest Content For Others In Your Industry

One of the best ways to get content noticed is to put it in front of a large, actively engaged audience. Assuming you’re already writing quality content, an audience like that will take notice of your content and spread the word. You know that, and that’s why you want to create an audience like that for yourself.

When you don’t have an actively engaged audience, the next best option is to borrow one. By creating guest content, you can put your name in front of someone else’s developed audience. That’s going to bring you huge attention, as well as likely grow your fan base.

Reach out to influencers in your industry (and in related ones) and offer to engage their audience. There are a few great ways to do that.

  • Social Media Takeovers
  • Guest Posts
  • Guest Videos
  • Product Reviews

By showing the kind of value you can provide to their audiences, they’ll be willing to give you space. Not everyone will, of course, but some will, and that’s enough. Once their audiences see the value you bring, they’ll become your audience too.

Take Advantage Of All Forms Of Video Content

Video content is magic for attention and engagement. Factually speaking, it captures far more attention than any other form of content out there, catering to the engagement styles of way more of your audience than any other medium.

YouTube has been proof of that for years, but now other content outlets are beginning to take advantage of it as well. Facebook has put in a huge bid for video, offering their own channels to rival YouTube’s. There are now a great many outlets for your video content.

If you really want to get noticed through video, though, you’ve got to up your game. Live video – which is insanely hard to do well – is a surefire means of getting attention. Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook & Instagram Live all provide places for well-polished, live video content. And viewers love it.

By mastering video mediums, you have a unique ability to connect with your audience and gather attention you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Collaborate With Other Creators To Make Content That’s Mutually Beneficial

Like guest content, collaborations are a great way to take advantage of a pre-built audience outside of your own. However, unlike guest content, you’re not on your own. Collaborations mean that you’ll have someone to play off of as you build your content.

Working with a collaborator is also a great way to build ideas. Share on X

Working with a collaborator is also a great way to build ideas. As you work with people in your industry and related industries on collaborations, you’ll learn things from them that you may not have otherwise been exposed to. Those ideas can lead to improvements in your business.

If the content you collaborate on has that real magic spark, it may even lead to a whole new audience and content series for you and those you collaborate with. Be it a new video series, podcast, or whole new company, the doors that collaboration can open are way bigger than you can imagine.

Using These Strategies Takes Planning

The tactics we’ve just covered will most definitely get your content noticed. Yes, putting them to use will take time and effort, but the return is worth it. However, without a content plan in place to begin with, you won’t get anywhere at all.

Now is the perfect time to refocus your content strategy, choose your direction, and get the attention your business deserves.

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How To Create Content That Gets Noticed

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