Marketing Your New Business: How To Get Noticed Online

Marketing your new business is the most important step to getting off the ground.

Without knowing that your brand exists customers will never buy from you.

The only way to let them know you exist is through marketing strategies that they’ll see.

But that can be tough before you have customers because the budget might be tight.

So, what can you do to make sure your new business gets customers early and keeps growing long-term?

Learning how to market your company early and effectively is the only solution.

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Doing so allows you to build short-term and continue to grow from that foundation.

Thankfully, there are marketing strategies that don’t have to break the budget but will help build that foundation.

Once you have that foundation in place, your brand will continue to be visible and you’ll have the chance to earn clients.

Marketing Your New Business Is Unavoidable

There are a lot of small business owners who feel like they don’t need to market their business.

They figure they can’t afford a marketing budget yet, so they’ll just focus on word-of-mouth.

While there is some merit to word-of-mouth, it won’t get you very far until you have a stream of customers.

In the meantime, you’ll need to bring in people who otherwise won’t know you’re there.

That’s what makes marketing your new business a necessity.

Banking on referrals alone is a dangerous pursuit.

Referrals are helpful, but you’re not in control of them.

When you rely on them alone, you’re putting your business in someone else’s hands.

You didn’t start your business to rely on someone else to build it for you, so make sure you don’t.

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Marketing your new business allows you to take control of earning customers yourself.

Though you might now be sure what to do, it’s better to keep your brand in your hands.

You’re capable of learning how to market your brand, but you can’t control the referrals you get.

Steer the ship yourself to make sure it keeps going the direction you want it to.

There Are Plenty Of Options For Marketing Your New Business

If you search Quora or Alignable, one of the most common questions you see new business owners ask is how to market themselves.

Marketing your new business can be done in a lot of ways.

Many of them don’t take any money, and others take a relatively small investment.

When you learn them and how to maintain them you take power back into your hands.

They help you earn customers and build long-term opportunities.

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Options to market your business, especially online, range from quick actions to extended strategies.

Learning and using more of them builds your chances exponentially.

And most of them are things you already know how to do.

You just need to adjust them for your brand.

But what are they if they’re so straightforward?

Here are all the ways you can begin marketing your new business and bring in customers consistently.

Develop Your Web Presence

First and foremost, if you want to get noticed online, you need to be online.

Your brand’s web presence is central to marketing your new business.

That includes a website, social networks, and any online forums that represent your industry.

Including a YouTube channel and a podcast profile probably wouldn’t hurt either.

With them already in place, it won’t take too much to add those to your strategy when you’re ready.

Start by claiming the online properties you want to own for your brand.

Securing them with your ownership assures you have them when and if you need them.

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Social networks, domain names, and other online properties can all be secured and set aside for future use.

After securing the properties, it’s time to build your website and the social profiles you’re ready to use.

Be sure you don’t take the amateur route to develop your website, though.

While there is plenty out there to help you build your social profiles, your website must be built to do the job from the beginning.

Building it wrong could lead to wasted money, no leads, and a damaged reputation.

But developing it correctly will guarantee that your web presence gets new customers for your brand.

Making marketing your new business so much easier.

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Build Your Email List

Email marketing has proven itself as a superior marketing strategy for a long time.

But it’s not easy to see how marketing your new business through email might work.

You don’t, after all, have an extensive email list to send information to.

This is why your email list is the first place you need to start.

It’s time to build a list of people interested in learning about your brand.

Especially if you’re getting ready to launch that website we just talked about.

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While you build your website, include a placeholder inviting people to sign up for your email list to find out when you launch.

Start using your social presence to drive people back to that signup.

If you’re doing a great job on social media, which we’ll delve further into in a minute, people will sign up.

Meanwhile, add in a few other tools, like a survey about your upcoming launch or a Facebook lead capture.

Those will boost your lead capture rates and help you further build your list.

As your list grows, so will your brand’s opportunities.

Use the list to update people about your brand and prepare them for your launch.

You’ll drive far more opportunities to earn early customers and strengthen the foundation your marketing is built on.

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Connect And Respond

Social media is one of the most misused platforms in a small business’s marketing plan.

Often small business owners use it to try to push sales, treating it like a local newspaper rather than a platform to connect.

Instead, focus your social media on conversations with your target audience.

Try to have fun, maintain a light personality, and engage on a real level.

Marketing your new business on social media like this is a great way to build early brand loyalty.

It’s also a great way to make sure your content gets seen later.

People care most about a brand that behaves human and relates to them.

They also expect brands to listen to them.

Customer service has become a big part of a brand’s social media presence.

Audiences want brands to respond quickly through social media and address concerns in the public view.

This means you need to be sure you’re responding when they connect with you.

That’s the only way you can prove to your audience that you’re listening.

Your business must be ready to answer the questions your audience has about your brand.

And you need to be prepared to handle the problems when they arrive.

If you build a reputation for connection and show your audience they matter, they’ll come to you when it’s time to buy.

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Become A Resource

Most people don’t possess expertise about your industry, or the pain points your brand and product address.

They don’t have the answers to help them solve the problems they face.

But your brand does, and they know that.

Marketing your new business requires you to share those answers as publicly as possible.

Often before your audience asks for the answers.

You need to make sure you’re sharing information that addresses your audience’s pain points and offers them information to handle them.

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This is best done through your company blog, which is hosted on that website we talked about.

It can be amplified through curated content on your social media platforms.

What’s that all mean?

Creating a blog on your website allows you to share your and your team’s expertise on any of the pain points your brand addresses.

These blogs draw in audiences who search Google for the answers you’re providing.

Blogs are the foundations of modern SEO.

Curating content is about sharing someone else’s knowledge.

When there’s a source of information that answers a question better than your existing content has, share it on social media.

Gestures like that show your audience that they can rely on you to get the answers they need for them.

Your brand becomes the go-to for information in your industry.

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Link Up With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a consistently growing resource for small businesses.

Marketing your new business with an influencer can be a great benefit for you.

And, if your product or service is something an influencer might benefit from, you have a chance to barter with them.

That means you get the benefits without spending out-of-pocket.

Usually, however, most micro-influencers are affordable enough for a new business to spend on.

Micro-influencers are fantastic at getting your brand seen among your local community, too.

Often because they are local celebrities.

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Their followers are loyal, accepting the recommendations micro-influencers make without question.

Pairing with a micro-influencer allows you to borrow their credibility and tap into their audience.

To pair with the right micro-influencer, start examining who the most influential people in your industry are.

Place additional focus on those local to your target audience.

Find out who your audience listens to already and who they respect most.

Once you have that list, start reaching out to them to find out how they work.

You’ll eventually work your way to an influencer that meshes well with your brand.

The results of marketing your new business with a micro-influencer will prove worth it when you do.

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Use Multiple Content Formats

Here’s the thing: people don’t only consume one kind of content.

They enjoy blogs, video, audio, and image-based content at varying levels.

If you’re not using multiple formats when marketing your new business, you’re missing large portions of your target audience.

That’s something you need to fix if you want to grow and thrive.

Brands who take advantage of multiple content formats have a much simpler time drawing in leads.

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Using multiple content formats isn’t difficult.

At the basic level, it doesn’t even require any special equipment.

Most modern smartphones contain all the hardware needed for quality images, video, and audio.

Their respective app stores offer a plethora of apps to edit, upload, and share them as well.

Your entire content studio is likely in your hand right now.

But maybe you’re not sure what kind of content your audience will be interested in.

The answer is to test different kinds of content to see what they react to.

Collect data on what works, refine, and produce better content.

Just don’t let them get bored with what you’re doing.

Otherwise, they’ll start ignoring everything you produce.

Keep your audience interested and you’ll keep the leads coming in.

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Start Live Streaming

Live streams are a powerful tool to get your brand seen.

Because the different live stream platforms help people see you even when they aren’t following you, you have a chance to bring your brand to them.

And the power of live audience interaction is great for forming connections.

Marketing your new business through live streams makes huge sense.

You can use it while you’re still building hype about your brand before you’re ready to take clients.

It makes a fantastic platform to demonstrate your product or service and get audience feedback.

Q&A sessions give you the chance to prove to your audience that your brand is a great resource for them.

Most importantly, you can get information back from your audience about what they want and expect from your brand.

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The first time you live stream you might not have the audience reaction you expect.

That’s ok.

Give yourself some patience as you build your audience.

Entertainingly offering more value helps assure people begin to show up.

Once you have a loyal audience, you’ll start to see the kind of results you want.

But it requires you to start from nothing and grow slowly.

Hold out and stay consistent and you’ll see great growth through live streams.

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Marketing Your New Business Is Within Your Ability

Now that you understand what’s involved in marketing your new business, you’re ready to explode your growth.

Get started on as many of these as you can as quickly as you can.

Stay dedicated and continue to make the connections.

That’s the real goal of marketing your new business, after all.

Before long you’ll start to see the kind of results you want and the growth you need.

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