Conversation Is The Secret Social Media ROI

Most companies realize that social media marketing is a potential goldmine. They’ve spent countless hours and dollars trying to determine the secret sauce that will get their customers to buy. They’re looking for the social media ROI.

That’s the plague that makes social media suck for every day users.

You see, with every marketer trying to make a buck, sites like Facebook and Twitter have become rife with sponsored ads and cluttered with tons of noise and static. Users – the people everyone is competing to get attention from – are tired of it. They’ve moved on to Instagram stories, Snapchat feeds, and other environments that let them skip the ads and move to what they want to see.

People Hate To Be Sold

Men haggle over the price of swap meet goods like marketers looking for a big social media roi.

It’s not new news. People love to buy things they think will make their life better. However, if you’re trying to sell it to them, they’re going to check out. Quite simply, the more social media marketers try to drive up their ROI, the harder it is to earn one. It’s not that the ROI isn’t in social media, it’s that marketers are working so hard to make one that they’re losing it.

It might be time to slow down a little. Stop spending so much time trying to push the sale.

If you really wanted your social media to stand out, it might be time to spend more time not selling. It seems a little contradictory, but if you want to market more, the secret is to hawk less. Yes, I used “hawk” on purpose. After a while, the constant ads and “asks” start to feel like the guy at the swap meet. That’s the reason the attention moves to a new platform.

Conversion Comes From Conversation

Twitter user @_inkedSnowFlake liked being roasted so much she pinned the tweet.

What if you took the time to listen and respond to what your clients had to say? Some of the greatest brands are gaining the attention because they have this figured out. They listen to what people say and respond in a voice that matches their company. You can think of some of them. Like Wendy’s and their infamous Twitter account.

That ferocious personality Wendy’s has allowed it’s Twitter manager to assume has drawn them all sorts of attention. As a result of the attention, they’ve modified their entire marketing strategy to match. Their attitude and quirkiness have made them the sensation of social media.

Here’s the crazy thing, though. All of that attention and enthusiasm came from not selling their product. They stopped to listen. They answered questions. They made jokes. They showed that they’re a company made of people who have personalities and a sense of humor. And they won the hearts of millions through conversation.

The Real Social Media ROI

So what’s Wendy’s got to do with you? They make a great example of exactly what to do if you want the most valuable social media ROI. See, it’s in real conversation that you build a fondness for and loyalty to your brand.

Think about it. What would happen if your customers thought of your social account as one of their friends? What if they chatted with you in the same way they talk to their high school team mates? Would you have customers, or would they become brand evangelists? People check in with Wendy’s to see if they’ll get noticed. What if they did the same to your Twitter?

It’s in real conversation that you build a fondness for and loyalty to your brand.

Your return is in conversation and relationship with your customers. Talk to them, listen to what they have to say, and build a solid connection with them. They’ll share the stories of how you responded to their questions. They’ll joke for ages about how you made fun of that heckler. They’ll never forget your brand. That’s good social media ROI.

You can’t put a dollar amount on that.

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Conversation Is The Secret Social Media ROI

by Michael McNew Read in 3 min