5 Easy Marketing Video Ideas To Get Your Video Marketing Started

Small businesses need to add video content to their marketing strategy, and easy marketing videos are going to make that happen more effectively for them.

After all, video is a big deal for small business marketing.

Aberdeen Group has done research that shows businesses who use marketing videos grow revenue easier than companies who don’t.

I mean, you wouldn’t turn down 49% faster growth, would you?

The question is as easy to answer as it sounds, and yet many small businesses haven’t added video marketing.

According to The Manifest, only 34% of small businesses are using marketing videos, and that’s just too few.

However, there’s an advantage present for you, if you’re smart enough to take it.

Very few small businesses making marketing videos means low levels of competition for the companies that make them.

Getting results from your marketing videos will be easy without anyone to compete with.

But that’s only going to be the case if you add videos to your marketing strategy.

And if that’s not something you’re used to, you need to start easy.

Don’t Start With Marketing Videos That Aren’t Easy To Make

If you want to make sure videos are an easy win in your marketing strategy, you need to avoid getting burned out quickly.

And the fastest way to burnout is through something that’s too difficult to handle.

Starting with the most complicated video formats and attempting to make them too fancy with too much editing while you’re still learning how to add them will only frustrate you.

Frustration takes you to burn out quickly.

Instead, focus on easy marketing videos that are simple and quick to edit.

The easier they are to make, the more you’ll be able to get done and see the results.

Videos like these also don’t take much effort to come up with the content.

That means you’ll be able to focus more on production speed and promotion instead of fighting with the creative element.

You’ll also have the time to produce better videos that are less technical as you learn and refine your skills to make future videos more appealing.

It’s much easier to learn new marketing video production skills when you’re not under pressure.

5 Ideas For Easy Marketing Videos

If you’re going to successfully add video content to your marketing, you need ideas.

Preferably ones that won’t be hard for you.

Great starter ideas.

Factually, there are a ton of them out there.

But it’s important to select the right ones to get you off the ground.

There are some ideas that are great for companies with a strong video strategy in place.

Others will leave you tempted to overcomplicate them and turn them into something more difficult than they need to be.

However, there is a handful that fit right into the framework of an easy marketing video you can produce without a problem.

I’ve collected five of them that you can start with.

These videos are easy to put together, have simple creative content, and are the perfect place for your audience to start with your videos.

They contain just the right information to help people know, like, and trust your brand.

Did I mention these marketing video ideas were easy?

I’m going to walk you through what each one is in-depth.

Then I’ll describe how to make it happen for your brand.

With a little time and effort, you’re going to get your video marketing off the ground the easy way.

This first easy video marketing idea is where you should start.

Easy Marketing Video #1: The Introduction

Every brand needs an introduction.

As a potential lead finds your brand, they need to know who you are and what you’re all about.

That’s where the introduction video comes into play.

This is one of the most straightforward, easy marketing videos you can produce.

While you’ll have the option to create a montage of clips from around your company that include shots of your team, your process, and your product, it can be as simple as a sat down “chat” with the camera.

Either way, you’ll need to let your audience know what your brand does, what it believes, and the number one reason your audience should choose to work with you.

The simplest way to tackle this video is to aim your camera at you and start talking.

Introduce yourself to the audience in a clear, friendly way.

Let them know who your company is and the general product or service you sell or the industry you service.

Speak lightly on the problems your company solves.

Once you’ve accomplished the basic formalities of introduction, it’s time for your brand’s story.

Unlike the other times I talk about telling your brand’s story, this one is a little more direct.

Explain to your audience what your brand’s mission is and why it matters.

Elaborate on why you chose to start your company in the first place.

Most importantly, connect with your audience about the importance you see in the products and services you offer and the impact your brand makes.

If you do something with the intention of a positive impact on a chosen community, like donate to a cause or produce a product focused on benefitting that community, tell the audience what it is and why it matters to you.

Connect on what matters and earn their attention.

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Easy Marketing Video #2: The BTS Tour

If you want to talk about easy marketing videos, the easiest is a behind the scenes tour.

Demonstrating what happens around your office or how you bring your offering to the market is something your audience will always be curious about.

Even if you’ve shown them before.

Something about a glimpse behind the veil feels like a chance to see something special, and people don’t tend to pass it up.

A video like this has an added benefit as well.

Because it needs minimal to zero edits, it can be done live, allowing you the advantages of live video.

Easy doesn’t cover the simplicity of making this marketing video.

Often, it’s best to do it from your phone.

Take your camera for a walk around your business.

Introduce team members and ask them about what they’re up to at that moment.

Done at the right time you might catch someone eating lunch or taking a break.

Poke fun at the situation, giving your audience something to chuckle at.

Show off what happens when you produce your product.

Find the most interesting elements of the production process and explain what’s going on.

Those who offer services instead of goods should explore the process of providing the service to a client.

Film members of your team working on bringing service to your customers.

Let your audience see the process at work.

It’s that sort of content that builds curiosity with your audience.

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Easy Marketing Video #3: The Testimonial

With happy customers, this should be an easy marketing video to make.

Testimonials are a form of social proof.

Social proof is evidence to a potential customer that they’re making the right decision via the opinion of others who have made the same decision.

These bits of evidence put a potential customer’s mind at ease by helping them see that there is a provable benefit to becoming your customer.

And, if you’re doing a great job for your clients, they should be easy to get.

Ask one of your happiest clients to meet with you to create this easy marketing video.

While you’re with them, ask them to tell the story of how they became your customer.

Get them to recount the problem they were facing that lead them to your offering.

Have them walk through the process of working with your company from their perspective.

Whether they’re talking about the purchase and follow-up process or the act of receiving your service, they should share what they enjoyed about the process and how easy they found it.

Then, as added emphasis, ask them to share the difference that being your client has made.

This should include the after-purchase customer care that they receive.

For added impact, you can add in the story from your team’s perspective, sharing what a pleasure it is to have them as your client.

When your audience sees what it’s like to be your client, they’ll be eager to join the family.

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Easy Marketing Video #4: The How-To

You know better than anyone how your product or service works.

After all, you were instrumental in bringing it to market.

That makes the how-to marketing video an easy one to create.

How-to videos hold interest for anyone looking at your product or service.

They’re also great marketing videos for your existing clients.

A how-to video is simply a demonstration of the features of your product or service.

If your offering has multiple features, they can all be demonstrated in the same video, or you could opt to move them to multiple videos for additional marketing content.

There are two ways to go about making a how-to video.

The first and most straightforward way is to film someone using the feature while explaining what they’re doing.

It’s a simple idea and gets the process and instructions on video easily.

Option number two is similar and nearly as straightforward.

Take the same film of a person using the feature, but don’t have them describe the process as they do it.

Instead, record a voiceover of someone explaining the video after it’s recorded.

Edit the sound to overlay the video and you’re set to go.

Though it’s a little more work, the voiceover how-to is often a cleaner video when finished.

Either one, however, will show both the benefits of your offering and how easy it is to use.

Information like this is powerful in the decision-making process for potential clients.

Seeing your offering as incredible and uncomplicated can sway a purchase quickly.

It enables them to have confidence in your brand.

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Easy Marketing Video #5: The Converted Blog

How easy would a marketing video be if the script was already written?

That ease is something you’ve already got going for you if you’ve been making quality content for a while.

Blogs can be converted easily to marketing videos.

So, if you’ve got a successful one, you know what your video should be about.

The success of a blog is a great way to determine what content would be easy to make into a marketing video.

If the information given in it is something your audience wants, they won’t stop wanting it once it becomes a video.

They’re probably more likely to consume it, which means more traffic comes your way.

Because there are so many ways to put content to video, your options are big.

But the easiest marketing video you can make from your blog content is one where you simply speak the information to the camera.

Simply put your camera on a tripod – even if you have someone to film it – and record yourself talking.

Recount what you added to your blog in the most entertaining way possible.

Make changes to the way you convey the information where necessary to make it perform better on video.

Most importantly, focus on the logical flow of a video instead of the best format for SEO.

You’re looking for engagement here to improve the odds of the video getting found, not a search algorithm.

When people engage with your video, you’ll get the benefits.

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Easy Marketing Videos Get Big Results

Sometimes it’s tough to wrap your head around a new way of making content.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process of video content, it can be downright scary.

However, when you understand how easy the possibilities can be, marketing videos become less frightening.

Mastering the easy marketing video ideas I’ve just given you can get your video marketing off to a strong start.

It’s all the right information your audience is looking for, and it’s packaged in formats that don’t take tons of creative effort or video editing knowledge.

Nor do they take special software.

But they do take consistency and commitment to build their performance.

Like any other form of content, you shouldn’t expect fast results.

You can, however, expect results that grow with the power of video.

And you can handle your marketing videos with a little more ease.

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5 Easy Marketing Video Ideas To Get Your Video Marketing Started

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