The 11 Lead Magnets That Will Change Your Business

Magnetic balls used to represent the idea of attracting customers.

What could you do if you had good leads coming to you daily? Leads that you didn’t have to find. Ones that were asking you to contact them. You know exactly what your business would look like, don’t you?

The trick, of course, is attracting those leads.

This is the part that gets so overwhelming. Most of us know the easiest way to get people to contact our business. Paid advertising will almost guarantee a boost in contact traffic that will keep our sales force busy following up for weeks. However, how can we be sure we’re getting the right leads?

On your website, the optimized lead funnel comes in to play.

Most leads, without an optimized funnel, will visit your site, not really pay attention to what it says, then leave. They will completely bypass any attempt you put in place to capture their email. Your contact form is useless to them unless they know what they’re contacting you about, and nobody signs an online guestbook any more.

Use good lead magnets.

Lead magnets are the, *ehem*, attractive offer that gets the visitor to leave their email behind. It’s the incentive to hear from you again. And, if it’s a particularly valuable lead magnet, it will make them happy to hear from you again.

So, here’s the list of lead magnets we recommend.

Good emails are like mail.


Look, if there’s anything that’s been time-tested and site-visitor approved, it’s the email newsletter. It’s the most basic exchange, offering more of the information that lead them to you in exchange for their email. Simple, direct, and a great opportunity to market to them over again.


It’s amazing how sometimes people just want a more in-depth look at your product or service. Especially in B2B sales, whitepapers are the reliable source for all the information about what your company can do for your client. With the extra facts, research, and statistics that whitepapers provide, you’ll not only get the lead, but become an authority in your industry.


Checklists are a great tool for most people. They’re simple and easy to follow, and usually help lead them to a result. On your end, they’re a make-once-and-reuse-forever offering that gives tangible value in exchange for permission to contact them later.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are even more awesome than checklists. They not only tell you what needs done, but they walk you through how to do it. When they work, your leads will be happy to hear from you again.

People love exclusive, secret messages.

“Members Only” Information

Flashback to the ’80s. Do you remember “Members Only” jackets? They made everyone who wore them feel like they were part of some kind of exclusive club. That’s the same reason that “Members Only” information is so appealing. Grab their attention and their excitement with something”exclusive” in exchange for their email.


This one, if you’re using multiple lead magnets, is a gold mine. Grab a couple of similar lead magnets that you are already having success with, bundle them in to one, throw in an extra or two, and you’ve got yourself a toolkit. They’re especially useful for people who may not see the value in a small dose of information.


If you’ve got the resources to build an interactive tool that can help your clients learn exactly which of your products they need, you’ve got one of the most popular lead magnets around (as of writing this). People love to plug in the data and figure it out for themselves. Get their email so you can send them the results, and you’re ready to roll. Plus you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what they’re looking for!


These are my favorite. eBooks go further than whitepapers, blogs, checklists, and toolkits. They work like magic to not only draw interested leads, but cement you in place as a legitimate authority in your field. Bonus points if your ebook, like ours, teaches them to do something on their own that they’d normally have to pay you for.

A great webinar allows you to talk to many people at once.


Now we’re talking lead magnets for those who are serious about driving those leads. Webinars are like a classroom, and you’re the teacher. Whether pre-recorded or live on a schedule, webinars get people hands-on with your product and build their excitement fast. Plus, you get the added benefit of reaching so many more people with the same talk!

Physical Books

If you’ve got the resources, kick your ebook up another notch. Send your leads a physical copy of it, nicely bound and packaged up. Or, alternatively, offer product samples, free gifts, or any other number of tangible goods that get them excited about hearing from you again.

Free Trials

For those of us with a subscription-based service to offer, nothing builds your lead’s confidence in your product like a free trial. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short time (like a week up to a month), or a limited volume (like you get from email service providers), people love to know exactly how your product will work for them without having to pay. If it makes sense, offer it up!

Remember, diversity is the key.

Don’t forget that your customer base is made up of tons of different personalities. Each of them need your services and products for different reasons. Cater to those differences by maintaining a great variety of lead funnels, each with a different magnet and different information. When you manage that well, you won’t let the right people slip through the cracks.

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The 11 Lead Magnets That Will Change Your Business

by Michael McNew Read in 4 min