Blogging Is Important To Growing Your Brand

I can not stress the fact that blogging is important.

It’s a major factor in your online marketing success.

Consistently, blogging is central to your SEO and lead funnels.

And, without one, you’re damaging your brand’s ability to grow.

If you’re not already blogging, you need to start.

The ways it helps your brand grow are impossible to replace with anything else.

Once you see all the reasons blogging is important, you’ll understand why I suggest it so strongly.

Blogging Is Important, But Only If It’s Quality

Before I dig into the reasons blogging is important, there’s something you need to be aware of.

You can’t create a blog for the sake of having one.

Trying to utilize a blog for the benefits without creating greater value in return won’t generate any of the results for you.

It will be the same as not having one.

A low-quality blog full of obligatory articles doesn’t draw anyone’s attention.

The visitors that do find their way to your blog won’t get anything from it, causing them to leave fast.

People will learn to ignore the content you produce and stop coming to you for answers.

Worst of all, Google will penalize your site, pushing it further down the search ranks.

That assures that nobody will find you and you won’t earn new leads.

Blogs that don’t focus on value first often lose any of the benefits they’re trying to get. Be sure you’re always giving more than you ask for in return. Share on X

With that in mind, quality blogging is important if you want the benefits.

So, focus on delivering a value-first experience when you publish content.

Help educate your audience on whatever topic you’re covering.

Fill your article with tons of supporting evidence that what you’re saying is true.

Make sure you cater to the needs your audience has.

Most of all, give far more value than you expect in return.

There’s no other way to assure that you get what you want from the blog posts you create.

There Are So Many Reasons Blogging Is Important

You may be wondering if blogging is truly worth your time.

I assure you, there’s nothing about it you want to ignore.

Blogging can be a lot of work, but the benefits it provides are well worth the effort.

If you want your online efforts to grow your brand, you need to include blogging.

It’s a fundamental element of content marketing and the cornerstone of SEO.

And those are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons blogging is important.

The list covers nearly everything you could want from your online marketing.

Blogging provides benefits to your brand that you’d be hard-pressed to find in any other marketing medium, especially online. Share on X

Most of the benefits of a blog are difficult to get any other way.

While it might seem like a mundane activity or remind you of a teenage diary, blogging is a critical part of a complete digital marketing strategy.

Whether making your brand visible in search or helping you close the sale, blogs help you do everything.

They are a growth serum for your small business.

Let’s dig into all the reasons blogging is important to growing your brand.

Blogging Improves Your Search Rank

Without question, blogging is the single most important element to your search rank.

It provides search algorithms with all the elements they’re looking for in the sites they produce for users.

Nearly every time someone asks Google a question it’s answered with a blog post.

That’s because one of Google’s key requirements is up-to-date information.

When people want answers, they’re not looking for outdated data.

They want facts that represent the world as it is right now.

If your content can provide that, Google will put you closer to the number 1 spot.

Blogging gives you a chance to answer every question your target market might have for your industry in an in-depth way, providing as much value to them as possible. That ranks you higher in search. Share on X

But you can’t possibly offer the answer to every question your industry might get asked on one page.

And even if you tried, there’s no possible way to optimize that page for them all.

Blogging is important because it allows you to focus your new, fresh content on each question individually.

For example, you may have found this blog article by Googling “Why is blogging important?”

In writing it, I’m trying to answer that question as completely as possible.

You need to do the same for the questions your target market might have about your industry.

A blog is an opportunity to be the one to answer questions qualified leads might ask Google about.

Done correctly, it’s the best way to make sure the right people hear your answer first.

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Blogging Supports Your Other Content

If you’re here wondering about blogs, you have at least considered the other types of content marketing as well.

There’s a lot to content marketing, and it can be overwhelming if you’re not ready for it.

But, more importantly, you need to make sure it all supports itself.

All your content marketing has to work together to send a unified message.

Blogs help you assure you’re doing that.

The way blogs do that is twofold.

First, when you write a value-filled blog, it’s usually got a lot of information on it.

Most of that information can be split into smaller, more digestible factoids.

Breaking your blog into smaller, more digestible “chunks” of content allows you to boost your content strategy and fill your content calendar with less work. Share on X

Factoids you can pull out can be transformed into micro content to fill in the rest of your content marketing, like your social media.

Second, blogs become a tool to drive traffic to other content.

Like your whitepapers and ebooks.

Those forms of content come into play once your audience has a taste of what you know.

Blogging is important in making sure they get that taste.

Once your audience sees that you have the information they want, it’s much easier to get them to share their contact information for more.

Because you can support your content in both directions, blogging becomes a pillar of your content strategy.

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Blogging Proves Your Brand Is Knowledgeable

Do you want your target market to think you don’t know what you’re talking about?

Of course not, and that’s a big reason blogging is important.

Your brand’s ability to demonstrate the wealth of knowledge it possesses is huge for earning new clients.

53% of consumers do a ton of research before they buy according to Google.

Depending on what they find, they’ll form impressions of the brands they find when they’re ready to buy.

So, to form the best impression possible, you need to prove your brand’s worth.

Knowledge is a big part of that, and blogging is important in proving your knowledge.

A high-value blog helps to educate your audience thoroughly on your industry.

As I stated earlier, you should be using it to answer the questions your target market is Googling.

While they’re researching the problems that your company can solve for them, they’ll find your expertise.

The more of your answers they find, the more they’ll realize your brand has the knowledge they want.

Blogs allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and provide proof to back it.

And there is no better proof of knowledge than that.

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Blogging Builds Your Brand’s Reputation

Blogging doesn’t have to only be about answering questions.

Subjects can also include case studies and other long-form social proof.

Things like industry innovations your brand has spearheaded or awards that it’s won.

Those are all opportunities to show off not just how much you know, but the reputation your brand carries.

Because people base many decisions on reputation, blogging is important in making sure people decide in favor of your business.

Producing blogs that highlight your brand’s positives helps to improve your reputation online.

Your audience can fact-check whether you’ve worked with a client and done a good job.

You can’t lie about the clients you’ve served or the awards you’ve won. It’s all something your audience can verify, and that works to your advantage. Share on X

Industry awards are verifiable through the organizations that award them.

So, the more of those reputation building facts you can share through your blog, the more positive your reputation becomes.

Plus, because social proof is mostly verifiable, people can see how honest you are about what you share.

And honesty has a massive impact on your reputation.

Nobody wants to work with a dishonest brand.

Use your blog to share all the wonderful things your clients and the industry say about your brand.

Let your blog build a positive reputation that will precede you with new clients.

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Blogging Provides Website Traffic

I already mentioned how blogging impacts your SEO.

That creates a source of traffic from organic search.

But there’s another way that blogging is important to creating traffic.

Blogs are full of information your audience wants.

They answer questions your audience has, educate your audience about your industry, and show your audience how you can help solve their problems.

Those are all reasons to visit your website.

No matter how often your website finds its way in front of your ideal customer, they won’t visit your site without a good reason.

Blogging is important in providing those reasons.

Without a good reason, nobody is coming to your site. The best way to give people a reason to visit is to provide them something they want through your blog. Share on X

Your blog articles are like a library your audience can use to research your industry.

So, when they need that information, they’ll come to you.

Without a blog, you don’t have a good reason to come to your site.

The information they want can’t be there.

And that will be true even for your most ideal of clients when they’re ready to buy.

There is no other way to get site traffic than by offering people a compelling reason to visit your site.

Sharing knowledge through your blog content provides that reason.

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Blogs Draw A Crowd From The Right Target Market

Can you think of why someone uninterested in tropical fish would read a blog about caring for tropical fish?

Me neither.

People don’t spend a lot of time reading blog content that isn’t relevant to their interests.

Many of those interests lead to purchases.

So, if you produce blog content that’s both related to what you do and something your target market is interested in, you’ll draw potential customers to your site.

Which means it’s important to your lead qualification process.

A great blog article can help assure you’re only bringing visitors to your site that can use what you offer. It’s the first step in qualifying them as a solid lead. Share on X

The right content helps to filter the wrong audience out of your site traffic.

It also directs people to the right sales funnels based on how you can help them.

You wouldn’t try to sell a football fan a whole array of baseball gear, would you?

Using your blog to connect your potential leads with the right product or service helps stop that from happening.

When your audience visits a blog article that meets their interests, you can use it to direct similar content to them.

Keep them focused on what they want and give them more reasons to trust you while increasing the time they spend on your site.

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Blogging Helps Form A Community Around Your Brand

Think for a minute about how sports teams market their brands.

They create a group mentality for their fans that focuses on loyalty to the team, even if the team loses.

Uniforms and merchandise are plastered with the team’s logo.

Fans wear and display them with pride and talk as if they’re members of the team.

And, when two fans of the same team meet in passing, they’re instantly connected.

For sports, marketing is all about the community.

You can rally people around your brand and form a community of fans just like sports teams do by creating valuable blog content and getting your audience engaged with it. Share on X

If you want to take advantage of that community building for your brand, blogging is important.

Delivered through and amplified by social channels, blogs help gather people around information and entertainment.

By covering topics within niche interest, you can gather like-minded fans around your company.

Brands like GymShark, Glow Recipe, and Itzy Ritzy have done excellent jobs of building communities around their blog content.

It’s all backed by social media, where their audience spreads the blog articles to their extended communities.

Extended reach like that helps those brands reach more people than they could without communities.

Plus, communities often create a sense of belonging among their members, which people outside the community want to be a part of.

Community spirit helps to grow your brand further.

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Blogs Attract New Leads

After all the benefits of blogging so far, we’re down to the biggest reasons it’s important.

Every business needs new leads.

Even if your business is busy and not hurting for clients it still needs them.

The list of people who could potentially become your client must constantly grow if your brand is going to survive.

Clients eventually stop working with you for many reasons, and you need to replace them as they do.

When clients stop working with you it isn’t always about loyalty. Eventually, people stop having a reason to keep buying from you. Share on X

Blogging is important in making sure you have a constant stream of new, qualified leads.

We’ve gone over all the ways blogs bring you traffic and help qualify them as the right people.

But they’re a part of converting that traffic to leads as well.

Whenever a visitor reads your blog articles, they’re building support for working with your brand.

They should also become painfully aware of the pain points you can help them deal with.

As they realize it’s time to do more, they’ll reach out to you with their contact information.

Whether through a lead magnet or contact form, your blog audience will reach out to the brand that’s been providing them great information and awareness.

That’s you, and you’ve been doing it through your blog.

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Blogging Helps Convert Leads To Clients

Once someone has become your lead, they expect to hear from you.

They know you’ll send them emails and other communications.

That’s part of the information exchange, and they’re happy to receive it.

If you’re using an effective lead funnel, you’re using that communication to nurture those leads towards a sale.

Blogging is important to the lead nurturing process.

Lead nurturing is the continued education of your leads through your content. You should keep them informed while guiding them closer to a purchase. Share on X

Remember that the foundation for blogging is education.

Your goal is to make sure your audience is as informed as possible so they’re more inclined to make a buying decision.

Throughout your lead nurturing process, keep bringing your leads back to relevant articles on your blog.

Help them stay informed about your products, company, and industry while keeping your brand on their mind.

As you continue to bring them more information, they’ll continue to see you as the best resource in the industry.

You’ll keep earning their trust and loyalty.

When it’s time to buy, they’ll come to you first.

Knowing that you could be earning more clients by doing it, can you see why blogging is important?

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You Should See How Blogging Is Important

By now, if you can’t tell that blogging is important, you might not have paid attention.

It’s time to learn how to start an effective blog and put it to work growing your brand.

Develop a winning blog strategy and see what this content medium can do for you.

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Blogging Is Important To Growing Your Brand

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