Why Giveaways Attract More Qualified Leads (When They Make Sense)

Raffles, drawings, and contests are great ways to draw in more qualified leads.

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One of the hardest things to do as a content marketer is figuring out how to attract the right leads for each of my clients. There are so many variables for each industry that finding the right way to attract more qualified leads gets tricky.

After all, every product’s buy cycle starts differently.

However, when it makes sense, there is one way to attract the most qualified leads every time. Give away your product in a contest or drawing. Doesn’t matter how many of your product you give away, you’ll get leads that are the most qualified for that product.

People Don’t Try To Win Things They Don’t Want

People only go after what they really want.

It seems like pretty common sense to think that only qualified leads would enter a contest to win something, right? I mean, only someone who wants something will try to win it. So, by that logic, the only thing that could possibly stop those leads from being perfectly qualified is if they can’t afford your product.

Trust me, a giveaway won’t get any qualified leads on an expensive or luxury product.

That means every entry in to your contest is going to be exactly the demographic you want to target (or the one you ought to target). It’s only logical.

Not Every Product Can Be Given Away

Look, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to give away your product. Maybe it’s too customized, maybe it holds too high an out-of-pocket cost, or maybe it simply isn’t something people know they’d want or need.

After all, if nobody signs up for the giveaway, how will you get more qualified leads from it?

Think carefully about your product and make sure a giveaway will actually get you more leads. If it isn’t, it can be a waste of both time and resources.

More Qualified Leads Fast – A Case Study

I want to talk to you about a client of mine. They have an annual event at their venue, and their primary product is event tickets. At the beginning of our marketing campaign, their email list was very small.

Growing their list was paramount.

With only 296 subscribers the week before their event, they needed a way to get the word out fast. Knowing that email marketing would be a much larger source of revenue, they chose to put their effort in to building their list via a giveaway.

They decided that they’d give away 6 pairs of tickets to their event, good for any of the weekends during the month it was open. In exchange for a signup on the email list, you’d get an entry. They also added several other sharing options to help push larger signups. Things like re-tweeting and a Facebook “like” added drawing entries.

They used Rafflecopter to power their giveaway. There are dozens of services like it, but this was the one that the client felt most comfortable with. Others like Gleam and ViralSweep offer similar products, and each offers different features at competitive price-points.

One client added 600 more qualified leads in 14 days.

The result of their short 14 day campaign? They grew their email list 300%. No joke.

The best part was, they only gave away 6 pairs of tickets, but their attendance during the first 2 weeks of their event was some of the highest in their 20 year history. The increased email list combined with a killer email campaign was at the core of that.

Qualified Leads Come Fastest Through Giveaways

You can’t beat a great giveaway as a lead magnet. It’s one of the ways you can draw in more qualified leads with minimal monetary investment. And you can bring them in quickly, too.

Couple a giveaway with a great lead follow-up system and your business will grow faster than you’ve ever imagined.

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Why Giveaways Attract More Qualified Leads (When They Make Sense)

by Michael McNew Read in 3 min