Holiday Video Marketing: Using Video For A Holiday Boost

A typical holiday video marketing thumbnail.

Holiday video marketing is a smart option for small businesses.

Video content is powerful for marketing, which is something you should understand by now.

But what you may not understand is how video can set your holiday marketing apart from your competitors.

The difference a great video campaign can make, especially for your holiday marketing, is massive.

It’s something you need to look at for your brand.

During the holiday season, most brands need to do everything they can to stand out and draw in clients.

Putting the power of holiday video marketing to work for your brand can be the difference you need this season.

Therefore, it’s time to learn how holiday video marketing differs from what you’re doing for the rest of the year.

Why Is Holiday Video Marketing The Right Way To Go?

When it comes to your holiday message, an emotional connection is what works best.

This is the time of year that’s all about joy, sentiment, and gratitude for most people.

The better you can communicate those ideas in your marketing the more effective your message will be.

Holiday video marketing can relate those emotions better than any other form of content.

But besides that, video has a ton of other excellent benefits to your marketing strategies.

It should be a standard part of your marketing strategy even outside the holiday seasons.

The holidays are the time of year people start connecting with their emotions a little more. Sentiment, gratitude, and a spirit of giving are all prevalent feelings that people connect with. Share on X

However, during the holidays, video marketing makes a much bigger impact due to that emotional connection.

So, this time of year is the best time to add video if you’re not already using it.

And, if you are using it, now is a great time to expand your strategy and try a new level of connection with your audience.

Take advantage of the emotional nature of the season and earn greater attention for your brand.

That’s what makes holiday video marketing the right choice.

Better Holiday Video Marketing Content

To take on holiday video marketing, you can’t fall into cliché traps.

Posting the same, tired elf video of you and your team won’t cut it.

And your video content has to make sense for your brand.

If you’re not a retail business, it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to push a Black Friday special.

Never make content – especially holiday content – that doesn’t make sense for your brand and industry. Share on X

With those ideas in mind, you’re going to need some ways to step-up your holiday video marketing content.

Remember that your video content’s success is dependent on how well your audience can connect and relate to it.

So, I’ve got a few tips to help you make more relatable content.

Set A Clear Holiday Or Seasonal Goal

Like any other kind of marketing you do, your holiday video marketing needs a goal.

What are you trying to achieve this holiday season?

Retailers might be looking for more sales, while B2B brands might be looking for momentum in the next year.

Holiday video marketing can help in either case, but only if you know what the goal is going into it.

Don’t undertake any marketing practice without knowing your goals and how to measure them. Share on X

You’ve also got to know how you’re going to measure your goals.

Thinking about goals in advance is a standard process.

Provided you know how to set goals, you’ll be fine.

Decide what your holiday goals are and how you’ll measure them so you can create content that steers you in the right direction.

If you know where you’re going, you’re going to get there much faster.

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Learn How To Send The Message

We’ve already decided you’re going to avoid the cliché traps that so many small businesses (and large ones) fall into.

That means you need to learn some new ways to wish people a happy holiday.

Everyone is used to the basics, and lots of people have their opinions on whether you should choose a holiday or be generic.

But in the end, you’ve got to do what’s right for your brand.

Everything you do to communicate with your audience has to be true to your brand if you want it to succeed. Share on X

Communication through your content has always got to be suited to your brand persona and your target audience.

If it doesn’t resonate right, it will flop.

Remember, your audience can tell when you’re being fake, and they don’t like it.

While learning new ways to wish your audience a happy holiday can help, you need to stay true to your brand.

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Look At Your Colors And Themes

Just about every holiday video a small business produces winds up in that red and green traditional palette.

It’s so boring and stale that people get fed up with it.

But your holiday video marketing needs to have a color palette that fits the season.

So, what do you do?

Seek out other palettes that make people think of the holidays that might be a little more original and refreshing.

The colors of the season don’t have to be traditional red, green, and gold. Find other ways to evoke the holidays and still break the mold. (Sorry about the rhyme.) Share on X

There are a variety of surprising ways to evoke the holiday spirits without making everything look like one of Santa’s elves.

By seeking a refreshing take on the colors of the season, you can break free from the static of generic content and stand out.

That makes your holiday video marketing efforts worth it.

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Be Sure To Have Fun

The holidays are about good times for most people.

They’re filled with gatherings, gift-giving, and general good times.

And if your holiday video marketing content gets too serious, it’s going to get ignored.

Unless your brand focuses on serious work (like alleviating hunger in the world), serious video isn’t usually what people want.

Share joy during the holiday season through your video content to keep your audience engaged and feeling good about your brand. Share on X

Remember to have fun with whatever you decide to produce for your holiday content.

Share the joy of the season with joy in your video.

Express gratitude for your audience and your clients with smiles and laughter.

Your ability to share the joy with your audience will set your holiday video marketing apart.

That’s going to bring your brand closer to your holiday goals.

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A Few Holiday Video Marketing Suggestions

Now that you know what a good holiday video marketing campaign needs, it’s time to consider how you’re going to use it.

There are plenty of great ways to connect with your audience this holiday season and give them something they care about.

And video gives you the option to send all kinds of messages to your audience in tons of different ways.

Perhaps, however, you’re lacking the creativity to come up with the right angle for your holiday video marketing.

If you know how to connect with your audience in a way they’ll care about this holiday season, you’ll see some results worth noting. Share on X

As usual, I’ve got your back.

I’ve put together a list of some great ways to reach out to your audience during the holidays.

These aren’t the only options available, but they’re useful for most brands.

They’ll also work at other times of the year, not just the winter holidays.

Plus, they’re adaptable to whatever the year throws at you, so they’re ideas that will last into the future.

Here are some great ways to get your audience connected with your brand this holiday season.

Run A Seasonal Special

The holidays are known for their sales and specials.

Especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday when people search for the biggest sales of the year.

It’s bad enough that people camp overnight at their favorite electronics retailer for televisions and gaming systems.

This means there’s no better way to attract your audience if you’re in retail.

Focusing your holiday video marketing on the specials you’ll be featuring is a great way to get attention for your brand.

Let your audience know the ways they can save money to get what they want this year from you.

Show them how their decision to become your client during the holidays helps them get more from you.

By creating a special they can only take advantage of during the holiday season, you create an incentive for them to act quickly.

And by communicating it through holiday video marketing, you get them to pay more attention to it, increasing your odds of success.

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Create Holiday-Themed Social Videos

Social media videos are huge for small businesses.

Especially on Instagram and TikTok, where video creators are seeing massive engagement for little effort.

Creating social media holiday video marketing allows you to take advantage of that in the best way possible during the winter season.

Holiday-themed social videos have a chance to be silly and sentimental, and absolutely shareable.

People love to see a brand be creative in the ways they express their content around the holidays.

Add a little creative thought to creating your holiday video marketing strategy, focusing on the ways you can tie the holidays into your brand.

Perhaps your team interacts a little with Santa or has a mishap with a dreidel.

Provided the content suits your brand, you can be as creative as you want with your videos.

The primary purpose of social videos is to earn attention and engagement for your brand.

Themed videos allow you to do that better by connecting with people’s feelings for the holidays.

Done intelligently, you can let your audience know how your brand, product, or service can make the holiday season better for them.

When they see it, they’ll come your way.

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Offer Your Seasonal Best Wishes

Sometimes the best way to get involved in the holiday spirit is simply to wish your best.

Perhaps you’re a seasonal business that can’t do much during the winter.

Maybe a special or discount doesn’t make a ton of sense for your brand.

Or maybe you’re having trouble figuring out how to theme your brand for the holidays.

Whatever the case, your holiday video marketing can simply feature a season’s greeting.

Find a way, without being corny and cliché, to offer your audience the best wishes of the season.

You may offer a message tied to the holiday you celebrate, or to something more generic.

As I previously mentioned, be sure to stay true to your brand.

It may be a holiday well-wishing, but it can’t be inauthentic.

Your audience will smell that and stay away from it.

Authenticity is everything in modern marketing, and holiday video marketing is no exception.

Share those authentic well-wishes and watch your audience’s feelings toward your brand get better.

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Invite Your Audience To A Holiday Event

Holiday events have been great ways to connect with your audience for a long time.

But in 2020 you don’t have the option of holding one the same way you once did.

However, that doesn’t mean a holiday event can’t still happen.

It just means that your holiday video marketing will include both the promotion and the hosting of your event.

I mean holding a live-streamed holiday event.

Turn to your favorite live-streaming platform and set up a scheduled event.

Facebook is great to schedule them with, and their event platform can help you handle paid events if you need it.

How you schedule it, however, doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you promote it with regular videos.

Try to produce 3-5 videos per week leading up to the event that lets your audience know when it is and how to register.

Make it clear the nature of the event, and do a great job selling why they should be there.

In the end, live stream it, focusing on the holiday aspect of it.

Remember to never forget that your holiday video marketing should be about the holidays more than the sales.

Even if there are sales to be made.

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Cover The Past Year In Reflection

Everyone loves to look back at the best of the year.

There’s something about nostalgia that gets people feeling good about a brand or group.

They love to see what’s happened within that relationship over the year.

So, a great option for your holiday video marketing is to recap the year.

Pull together images, video clips, and memories (in the form of interviews) about the past year.

Create several videos that cover different aspects of the year.

Share them via social media and on your other content platforms.

Or you can focus on individual client relationships.

Compile videos about how you’ve interacted with clients over the year.

You can create a new video for every client.

Email them to the client they’re about, then get permission to share them with the rest of your audience.

These recaps will draw up emotions within your clients and audience.

People who watch them will strengthen their connection with your brand.

Their positive feelings and loyalty will grow, which helps your brand retain clients and an audience longer.

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Connect With Your Audience Through Holiday Video Marketing

The bottom line is that holiday video marketing is a fantastic way to make connections with your audience.

As I said earlier, if you’re not using it, it’s time to start.

If you are using it, it’s time to put a huge focus on the holiday message.

In the end, your holiday video marketing should help you hit your goals this holiday season and earn you far more from your audience in the long run.

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Holiday Video Marketing: Using Video For A Holiday Boost

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