The Secret to Turbo-Charged Email List Building

The Secret to Turbo-Charged Email List Building

On almost every website you visit these days, you’ll find available a digital downloadable, usually in exchange for your email address. These downloadables are anything from checklists to eBooks to videos to templates. Just about anything you can think of in a digital format that can be downloaded and create value for the potential customer base of the website. They are one of the fastest ways to turbocharge building your email list, in that almost every downloadable is willingly and eagerly exchanged for an email address of the downloader. If you haven’t created a digital download for your site yet, here are 3 reasons you need to right now.

Digital downloads provide a high-value exchange.

Some things are more valuable than the couple of dollars you could get now.

When a potential client or lead downloads your digital content, they are usually exchanging their email address for it. By providing them a tool or resource in a downloadable format, you’re giving them something of high value. This makes them more eager and willing to exchange their email, which they know will be used to market to them. By offering a high-value item in exchange, they’re much more willing to receive those emails.

The cost-to-benefit ratio can only grow.

The more leads you receive in exchange for your digital download, the higher the value of that download to you. A downloadable must only be created one time. From that point, there is no cost per download to you. It’s simply a copy of the original that gets automatically made by the server. As a result, the time you invested into creating that content begins to show a higher return without any required additional time.

The more leads you receive in exchange for your digital download, the higher the value of that download to you.

Digital downloads establish you as an authority and asset to your potential lead.

When you create downloadable content, be it a guide, template, or anything else, it’s you’re knowledge that produced that item. Even if your information, like in The Green Tie Effect, came from third party sources, it was still you that put the time, effort, and energy to learn the information, interject your own personal experience (unavailable from your competitors), and create that tool for your potential leads to use. That lets them know that you know what you’re talking about, you’re serious about it, and you’re the right person to work with once they’re ready to buy what you offer.

I hope you take all that in mind and really strongly consider what kind of content you should be producing and put it together. Your website has one purpose, and that is to gather leads. By adding a high-value digital into that equation, you increase the likelihood of supplying yourself with high-quality leads who are ready to buy your product.

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The Secret to Turbo-Charged Email List Building

by Michael McNew Read in 2 min