Three Truths to Expand the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

Three Truths to Expand the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

If you’re running a small business, you’d probably like to improve the results of your marketing, wouldn’t you? You probably want to generate more leads, right? You more than likely want to convert more prospective clients into paying customers, correct? And, I would venture, you’d like to potentially double or triple your profits in the next twelve months, isn’t that right? In that case you need to drop some major untruths that have been living in your marketing strategy and accept these facts about business in the digital age.

Your target market is addicted to social media.

One of the super common things that I hear from my clients is that their target demographic isn’t using social media. The scary thing is that it seems they believe it when they say it. Seriously! Let’s take a look at Mashable’s statistics on how many in each age bracket use social media.

  • 83% of 18-29 year olds
  • 77% of 30-49 year olds
  • 52% of 50-64 year olds
  • 32% of 65+ year olds

For those customers who believe their clients are not on social media, this should be a wake up call. According to Pew Research, 73% of US adults use some form of social media. That means that in order for your clients to not be reachable on social media, you would be servicing less than 27% of US adults, and primarily those over 65 years old. Chances are, your clients are on social media. Use it.

Blogging is critical

In case you’ve never been here before, go ahead and click the “Blog” link in the footer of the page when you’re done reading this. We know first hand that blogging works. The clients that I’ve heard contest this either blogged once or twice with no rewards or they’re afraid to write. Either way, they don’t see the value in doing it. Here’s the value (based on what HubSpot shared): Blogging will generate 55% more visitors to your site. That’s 55% more opportunity to earn a customer. Think about the advertising dollars you’ve already spent for that same sort of result. Blogging is free.

A logo, especially a cheap one or one that uses clip art, is not enough to create a strong brand

The only purpose your logo serves is to be an image that your client ties the experience of your brand to. It is the “face” that people associate your company’s “personality” with. They will see it and either be happy because it represents a positive for them, or angry because of the poor experience they remember. Your brand is about far more than a logo. It’s every aspect of the way you present your company to the public. Develop it beyond the logo. Find out who your customer is, why they would want to choose you over your competition, how to communicate with them, and then do it consistently. Hire a company that specializes in branding to help you. It will make all the difference.

Now go forth and be successful!

You’ve heard the truths, now embrace them. They are the holy grail of boosting your marketing to new levels. Share some of the lies you have told yourself in the past down below, and come back next Wednesday for more brain food!

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Three Truths to Expand the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

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